130”-139”    $3,000

Deer Hunting Prices

160”-169”   $6,000

200”-219”   $11,000

170”-179”   $7,000

190”-199”   $9,000

180”-189”   $8,000

140”-149”   $4,000

Deer Hunting Season Dates

Up To 129” $2,000

150”-159”    $5,000

"Where Dreams Become Reality"

Alabama Archery Season: October 14-Feb 10   
Alabama Muzzleloader Season: Nov 13-17  
Alabama Gun Season: November 18-Feb 10                                             

Deer Harvest Pricing 

250"-400”    Call For Pricing

220”-250”   $13,000

Tipping our guides is appreciated, however it is up to the hunter whether or not they want to tip the guide.

No additional fees: Skinning, Quartering, 

Caping or Ice.

$500 Deposit Non-Refudable

An additional $75 per day is charged for non hunter.

In addition to the deposit, hunters are charged $200 per day which will be credited towards trophy harvest. The deposit and daily fee are credited toward deer harvest.

We know multiple taxidermists and are happy to make the arrangements for your Trophy Whitetail Deer mount. You, the 

hunter, are responsible for all costs associated with your taxidermy.